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FEATURED TECH NEWS (FAVS) PICK:  Most powerful laser in the US is about to be fired for the first time

Researchers are preparing to use the laser to fire light pulses at an experimental target designed to receive more frequent pulses but at lower peak power. This first experiment will see the laser firing with a power output of 30 terawatts (30 trillion watts), about 1% of ZEUS’ designed maximum power, and roughly 3% of the power of the most powerful lasers currently in the United States. Its maximum power output is expected to reach three petawatts (3,000 terawatts).

 Jeremy Vine: My jailed stalker Alex Belfield says he’ll be back

 Google begins rolling out a “results about you” tool on its Android app to let users see and remove results that contain their personal identifiable information (Abner Li/9to5Google)

 The Google Pixel 7 might ship a lot sooner than the Pixel Watch

 Nvidia RTX 4090 and 4080 GPUs could be more expensive than you think

 ChromeLoader, what took you so long? Malvertising irritant now slings ransomware

 French industrial giant Schneider Electric agrees to pay £3.87B to acquire the remaining ~41% stake in UK industry software company Aveva, valuing it at £9.5B (Bloomberg)

 Fix Not Currently Using Display Attached to NVIDIA GPU Desktop Issue

 How to Share Screen on Telegram [Mobile & Desktop]

 Miami-based DoorLoop, which offers rental property management tools for small to mid-market landlords, raised a $20M Series A from Alpine Software Group (Katherine Kallergis/The Real Deal …)

 Ivorian fintech Julaya gets $5M to become banking partner for businesses in Francophone Africa

 Check out the LG Rollable phone in this hands-on video

 Tech leaders dish on how asinine it is to try to describe their companies, products, and worth to Congress

 Work towards a Java programming career with this bundle

 What can you expect on Tesla AI Day?

 Microsoft may have released Windows 11 2022 Update, but the best updates are coming in October

 New solution enhances facial recognition technology

 Google now lets you request the removal of search results that contain personal data

 Latest 5G Mobile Phones Under 30000 in India

 Microsoft releases KB5017383 update for Windows 11 with huge widget changes and fixes for lots of issues

 Would you sell your data for profit? Nearly 50% of Americans said they would

 Is there a Chegg free trial? Here’s what you need to know

 BT CEO orders staff: Back to the office or risk ‘disciplinary action’

 Money tip: 5 bills you should never put on autopay

 Fix Error Code 0xc7700112 in Windows 10

 Citizens are searching Google in droves for ways to leave Russia

 At least one Android OEM is considering a Dynamic Island rip-off

 Google is integrating Assistant and Calendar reminders with Tasks

 Google is integrating Assistant and Calendar reminders with Tasks

 A New York judge orders Tether to produce documents related to the backing of USDT in a lawsuit claiming Tether conspired to issue USDT to pump bitcoin prices (Sam Reynolds/CoinDesk)

 OnePlus 10 Pro is getting stable Android 13, beating Samsung flagships to the punch

 Ledgy, a Carta for European startups to manage equity and cap tables, raises $22M from NEA, Sequoia and more

 Ledgy, a Carta for European startups to manage equity and cap tables, raises $22M from NEA, Sequoia and more

 This Fnatic REVIVE Gaming Desk is Made of Recycled Chopsticks

 Recall alert! Nearly half a million Nissan, Porsche models recalled

 NVIDIA Ada’s 4th Gen Tensor Core, 3rd Gen RT Core, and Latest CUDA Core at a Glance

 How to Use Voice Chat in H1Z1 PS4

 How to Eject USB from Chromebook

 Why are You Locked Out of Your Instagram Account?

 Singapore workers feel disconnected in hybrid workplace

 Framed today, September 21: Answer and hints for the movie of the day (Wednesday)

 Innovative Robotics Firm KEYi Technology Introduces Loona to its Family of Consumer Robots

 Now’s your chance, AI, to do good. Protect endangered eagles from wind turbines

 Top Windows 11 version 22H2 features: File explorer, Multitasking, Start Menu, Taskbar & more

 NVIDIA RTX 4090 Doesn’t Max-Out AD102, Ample Room Left for Future RTX 4090 Ti


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