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FEATURED DOWNLOAD:  Windows Health 1.0 – Windows Heath utilizes two Microsoft Windows utilities; first, DISM takes an inventory of components, drivers, updates, and apps. Second is the SFC which scans for protected system files and replaces any corrupted ones with a cached copy located at %WinDir%\System32\dllcache.

 NVIDIA Studio Drivers for Windows 10 and 11 517.40

 Mozilla Thunderbird Portable 102.3.0

 Firefox Portable 105.0

 Mozilla Thunderbird 102.3.0 (64-bit)

 Mozilla Thunderbird for Mac 102.3.0

 Mozilla Thunderbird 102.3.0

 Windows 11 Installation Assistant 1.4.19041.2063

 Firefox 106 Beta 2

 Firefox 106 Beta 2 (64-bit)

 Firefox 106 Beta 2

 Audials One v2023.0.65.0

 Microsoft Safety Scanner 1.375.683.0 (64-bit)

 Microsoft Safety Scanner 1.375.683.0

 Sound Enhancement for Chrome


 Macrorit Disk Scanner 5.1.0

 Slack for Android and macOS

 Seagate SeaTools for Windows 5.0.165

 Firefox Developer Edition 106.0 Beta 2

 Mozilla Firefox 106 Beta 2

 Garmin Express 7.14.0


 iMazing 2.15.10

 WriteMapper 3.0.7

 Mindomo Desktop 10.3.8 (64-bit)

 Mindomo Desktop 10.3.8 (32-bit)

 Missive 10.31.2

 Blue Iris

 AWS SDK for Java 1.12.307

 NTLite (64-bit)

 Sigil Portable 1.9.20 (ebook editor) Released

 Telegram Desktop Portable 4.2.0 (secure instant messaging) Released

 Windows 11 Installation Assistant 1.4.19041.2063

 Simple Screen Recorder 1.1.4

 Chromium 108.0.5313.0

 Vim 9.0.0525


 ccPortable 6.04.10044 (clean local PCs via CCleaner) Released

 Thunderbird, Portable Edition 102.3.0 (email client) Released

 Aural Player 3.7.0

 Garmin Express

 Fido 1.32

 Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition Nightly 107 (web browser) Released

 Mozilla Firefox ESR, Portable Edition 102.3.0 (web browser) Released

 Mozilla Firefox, Portable Edition 106.0 Beta 1 (web browser) Released

 Drupal 9.4.6

 NTLite 2.3.8 Build 8916

 Mozilla Thunderbird 102.3.0

 Rainmeter 4.5.16


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