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 The best cheap tablets under $500

 7 Ways to Fix the “No Battery Is Detected” Error on Windows

 Raspberry Pi Live Streaming Camera Sports Microphone for Audio Support

 The best films of TIFF 2022

 This Week in Apps: iOS 16 takes off, TikTok clones BeReal, social cos go to Congress

 Community isn’t a buzzword, it’s a challenge

 What Is a HEDT CPU? Everything You Need to Know

 How to move notifications to the top on iOS 16’s lock screen

 How to Hold a Q&A Session in Google Meet

 How neural engines redefined creativity in chess, leading to some top players engaging in deception, misdirection, and other psychological techniques (Matteo Wong/The Atlantic)

 Purchase this 2018 Apple iPad for just $210

 Will a Smart Thermostat Actually Save You Money?

 Save Hundreds on Refurbished Samsung Phones With Prices Starting at $114 – CNET

 9 Ways to Fix a Missing Bluetooth Option in Windows 11

 PSVR 1 games will not work immediately on PSVR 2

 BMW’s New Dune Taxi Looks Like a Real Life Tumbler Batmobile

 Asteroid-impacting DART mission deploys a tiny observer satellite

 Best cheap printer deals for September 2022

 The best motorized smart blinds for 2022

 No money for shelfware

 How to install non-Google Play Store apps on your Chromebook without switching to developer mode

 How to Build a Simple and Effective Content Calendar in Google Sheets

 How to Dial an Extension on iPhone and Android

 How to Do Laundry Without Irritating Your Skin (Besides Switching Detergents)

 Justice Department officials want to take part in Epic v. Apple appeal

 Fluance Ai81 Elite speaker review: Power from the towers

 Should AI-Generated Art Be Considered Real Art?

 How to filter and see messages by individual SIM or phone number on iPhone in iOS 16

 Best Microsoft Office deals for September 2022

 How to Create a Human Resource Plan

 How to find villages in Minecraft

 The Pixel 7’s Tensor G2 chipset looks to be just a spruced-up version of the original SoC

 US school app accounts hacked to send explicit image

 TC Sessions: Crypto is in Miami — and 5 more reasons students should go

 9 Ways to Open the Apps & Features Tool in Windows 11

 The ‘streaming wars’ aren’t what you think

 How to Use Regex Filters in Google’s Search Console to Optimize Site Performance

 Emerging managers should take advantage of the slower fundraising market by courting LPs

 5 Android apps you shouldn’t miss this week – Android Apps Weekly

 In defense of the RGB mouse pad

 Best Halloween Costumes for Pets – CNET

 3 Ways to Access Your Linux Partitions From Windows

 Google Chat gets multi-language Smart Replies and multi-media support

 Low RAM on Your Phone? 7 Android Memory Management Tips You Need to Know

 Xbox Exec Confirms No Console Price Hike For Now

 How to Turn Off Your PS5 Completely

 Writer’s Toolbox: Stephen King’s Tips to Enhance Your Writing

 Poll: How much storage does your current smartphone have?

 Tesla offers Mode Y and Model 3 insurance price cut subsidy in China as it cracks down on expensive showrooms

 Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro are on sale ahead of launch day


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