“Addictive Tips” is Today’s Tech News (FAVS) Pick

Today’s Tech News (FAVS) Pick is “Addictive Tips”… Below you will find a sampling of news headlines (auto-updated daily) that are currently posted on their web site. You can conveniently follow the daily headlines of “Addictive Tips” by revisiting this page.

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  • You can effortlessly troubleshoot the Zoom error code 5003 by uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom app on your computer. Sometimes it may take more than just reinstalling the Zoom app. To know all other troubleshooting methods continue reading. Zoom call has become the standard phrase to express any kind of virtual video and audio conference […]
  • Keeping a digital bullet journal can make all the difference if you want to do more than just have a to-do list. Additionally, digital bullet journals record your positive affirmations, creative designs, doodles, occasional rants, etc., in one place. We live in a fast-paced world where social media distractions, entertainment, and games prevent us from […]
  • If you operate different printers at separate intervals, you can set one of them as default under the Device section in the Settings app or Control Panel. Windows 10 is already brilliantly programmed to recognize the printer you use the most/last in your current location and set it as default. However, if your preferred printer isn’t set, […]
  • Are you curious about how powerful your Linux Mint PC is? Want to benchmark it but unsure how to do it? With Hardinfo, benchmarking Linux Mint is incredibly easy. Here’s how to do it on your system. Installing Hardinfo on Linux Mint If you’re using Linux Mint and want to benchmark your machine, you’ll need […]
  • The newest version of Only Office is out. With it comes even better Microsoft Office compatibility and great new features. If you’re dying to try version 7.2, follow along to learn how to get Only Office 7.2 working on your Linux PC. Ubuntu installation instructions Only Office 7.2 is supported by Ubuntu, as well as […]

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