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TODAY’S TECH NEWS FAVS PICKS: The Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is $135 cheaper at Walmart   –  If you like the iPad Pros but don’t want to pay as much or deal with the Apple ecosystem, this deal on the Surface Pro 7 is perfect for you. This coffee machine wants to make capsules a thing of the past   –  We’re all pretty bored of plastic or aluminum capsules for coffee-making, and I guess buying pre-ground coffee, a beans-to-cup machine or just grinding your own beans is too much work for some folks. Swiss coffee brand Migros has launched the CoffeeB machine, which uses Coffee Balls instead of tr… What Minneapolis investors are looking for (hint: It’s not just Minnesota startups)   –  For this week’s City Spotlight: Minneapolis, I had the honor of interviewing Mary Grove, managing partner of Bread & Butter Ventures, and Justin Kaufenberg, managing director of Rally Ventures, about their investment strategies. Both are based in Minneapolis, and they are using the city as a … Daily Crunch: Former employee says Patreon has laid off its entire security team   –  Hello, friends, and welcome to Daily Crunch, bringing you the most important startup, tech and venture capital news in a single package. iPhone 14 models: How to buy and best pre-order deals   –  As a part of its Far Out announcement, Apple unveiled its latest iPhone 14 models. We have the scoop on where you can buy it and for how much, while making sure you’re still saving money. The ending of Barbarian explained   –  Here’s everything that happens at the end of Zach Cregger’s new horror movie, Barbarian, and why its third act unfolds the way that it does. 5 Reasons Ubuntu Is the Ideal Linux Distro for Software Developers   –  Ubuntu is widely used for development by programmers around the globe. What makes Ubuntu a good fit for developing software?


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