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TODAY’S TECH NEWS FAVS PICKS: Smartphone charging mistakes you’re making and how to fix them  –From using cheap chargers to having battery-draining apps, here are eight smartphone charging mistakes to avoid … NewPipe: A Lightweight YouTube App For Android –  Advertisements on YouTube are getting more and more obnoxious by the day. Our favorite to-do and task management apps for Android an hour ago  –  Whether you’re tackling a major project or just need a place to keep track of your grocery list, download these apps from the Google Play Store. How to change your name on Facebook 4 hours ago  –  Have you recently changed your legal name or simply want to add a fun nickname to your Facebook profile? The good news is that your Facebook name isn’t permanent. Rather than deleting your account, if you want to change up your Facebook activity, here’s a fun way to do so. Although Facebook only … Google is also launching new smart home hardware on October 6 3 hours ago  –  Will we finally see the rumored cheap Chromecast?

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  • At a glanceExpert's Rating ProsMinimalist slim-bezel designGood color accuracyVery low pricingConsNo height adjustment on standOnly offers HDMI and VGAConfusing menu systemOur VerdictThe Monoprice 24-inch CrystalPro delivers attractive color on a budget, but it’s not flawless. However, despite the concessions made to keep this at such a low price, it provides good value for the money. […]
  • SAVE $100: As of Oct. 5, you can grab the Samsung Galaxy Book Go 14-inch FHD Laptop (4 GB RAM, 64 GB SSD) for just $149 at Walmart — that's 40% in savings.If you're in the market for a new laptop, but don't want to spend a ton of money, a Samsung Galaxy Book Go […]
  • Every year Apple has a surprise or two in store for its device lineup, and for 2022 one of those twists is the iPhone 14 Plus. That's because instead of continuing to make a mini version of the basic iPhone, Apple has finally created a more affordable big-screen option starting at $899 for anyone who […]
  • You can effortlessly troubleshoot the Zoom error code 5003 by uninstalling and reinstalling the Zoom app on your computer. Sometimes it may take more than just reinstalling the Zoom app. To know all other troubleshooting methods continue reading. Zoom call has become the standard phrase to express any kind of virtual video and audio conference […]
  • SRE stands for Site Reliability Engineering. It builds upon the principles of DevOps to bring an engineering-led approach to IT operations. SRE uses software to automate system operation, identify problems, and implement resolutions.Read This Article on How-To Geek ›
  • In the article below we provide 5 recommendations for free and authentic search engines for US Patents that any individual or business can use to identify patent information. The post 5 Free USA Patent Search Engine Websites to Search Patent by Number appeared first on I Love Free Software.
  • So, have you ever wanted to hook up your phone to your computer and see the actual phone screen on your computer screen? Here’s how to do it. Note: These instructions are based on an Android Galaxy J3 (2018). You will need to: Enable USB … How To Mirror Your Phone On Your Computer Read […]
  • The Android phone Pixel or Motorolla has a built-in calendar app. Similarly, the Samsung phone has its own Samsung Calendar App. A lot of people take calendar apps on their devices for granted. However, the features offered by the default Android Calendar App are limited. Many calendar apps out there have several features that make […]
  • Illustration by Kristen Radtke / The Verge; Getty Images Elon Musk will no longer be deposed by Twitter’s lawyers on Thursday morning, after both sides agreed to a delay as they worked to close the $44 billion purchase of the social media network, the Financial Times and Bloomberg report. Musk was scheduled to be deposed […]
  • Apple added a speaker to the new AirPods Pro case in part to tell you when the case is charging, but Apple gives you an option to turn that off if you want to. Here's how to do it.The speaker on the new AirPods case is not only to indicate charging, but can also help […]
  • Digital fingerprints are another way that websites might track you, should they want to. What can you do? Should you be worried? What is a Digital Fingerprint? from Ask Leo!. Get the Confident Computing weekly newsletter:
  • Are you ready to cancel your Peacock TV app? Peacock TV has made the cancellation process straightforward, whether you’re nearing […]
  • Did you recently install a new RAM stick on your PC? If so, you definitely want to check the DDR type to ensure that the seller didn’t trick you.  Well, there’s a misconception among most users that the more RAM storage you have, the better. Although your primary memory size is an essential factor while […]
  • Despite being the home of Friends and a host of other beloved TV shows, HBO Max sometimes throws up weird bugs that can’t be explained – especially on Roku devices. […]
  • Enterprises won’t get the first major Windows 11 update on managed PCs unless they choose to deploy it. Learn about Windows 11 improvements, including security features, to help you decide whether to update. The post Windows 11 22H2: Enterprise features you need to know appeared first on TechRepublic.
  • JPhotoTagger is a platform independent Photo Manager. You can manage and find fast your photos through keywords, descriptions and other so called metadata ("tags"). It speeds up adding or editing tags through automatic keyboard input completion and other features. All tags will be written into XMP sidecar files and JPhotoTagger's database. The images are left […]
  • In the beginner's guide to using Observable JavaScript, R, and Python with Quarto, I outlined how to use Observable within a Quarto file. However, one of my top tips for Quarto users learning Observable JavaScript is to write code on the Observable community website. Even if you only plan to use Observable JavaScript in Quarto documents, it's a good […]
  • In 2021, Apple unveiled the iPhone 13 as the successor to the popular iPhone 12, with improved rear cameras, longer battery life, the A15 Bionic chip, and more. Despite being from different annual generations, both the ‌iPhone 12‌ and the ‌iPhone 13‌ mini are still available from Apple now for a price of $599, leading […]
  • You probably know how to print important emails to create a hard copy record of the correspondence, but here’s something you might not know… You can also save emails as PDF files and then open them at any time in your default browser or PDF viewer.  PDF versions of emails can also be attached to […]
  • A new version of Telegram Desktop Portable has been released. Telegram is a cloud-based mobile and desktop messaging app with a focus on security and speed. It's packaged in Format so it can easily integrate with the Platform. And it's open source and completely free. Update automatically or install from the portable app […]
  • Hello and welcome to the first-ever edition of The Spark! Thanks so much for joining me for this weekly climate newsletter, where we’ll explore tech that could help combat the climate crisis. I’m so glad you’re here! This week, we’re kicking things off with a special travel edition of the newsletter. So buckle up, because…
  • If you use the Notes app on your iPhone and haven't updated to the newest software yet, you're missing out on some pretty valuable upgrades that improve smart folders, note security, collaboration, and more. So what are you waiting for? The new tools in Apple's Notes update might end up being things you use daily […]
  • The Windows 11 Start Menu looks and works differently from the one in Windows 10. Gone are the controversial tiles, and we welcome back the simple shortcuts from the Windows 7 era. The differences don’t stop here, as the Windows 11 Start Menu doesn’t only display shortcuts to apps but also recently opened files, frequently […]
  • Samsung held its annual Tech Day 2022 event yesterday in San Jose, California, in the US. It was the company’s first in-person event in the past three years, and more than 800 customers and partners attended it. During Samsung Tech Day, the company announced various new semiconductor products and technologies that will drive the next […]
  • You can use the Projecting to this PC feature to have apps and content from another device show on your PC screen. Projecting to this PC uses the Wireless Display app to wirelessly project (mirror) a phone, PC, or Android device to the screen on your PC, and use its keyboard, mouse, and other devices too. You can turn on […]
  • ISSUE 19.40.1 • 2022-10-06 By Susan Bradley We originally had the impression that Windows 10 and 11 updates would appear simultaneously, but — for this time at least — it looks like Windows 10 22H2 will be here in October, a month after Windows 11 2022 (22H2). As with Windows 11 2022, I am not […]
  • This morning in London, I sat down with Satya Nadella and Ryan Roslansky, LinkedIn’s CEO, to discuss how leaders can empower employees — and drive business impact — in the face of economic uncertainty. No matter how your people work, from remote to in-person to somewhere in between, understanding your workforce is more important than… […]
  • QuickTextPaste is a very customizable tool to insert (paste) pre-defined text in any applications via keyboard shortcut. It can also run commands and programs via keyboard shortcuts to save time and avoid errors.
  • Nowadays people usually post normal photographs on Instagram. And most importantly, they are all edited on their smartphone, without the use of professional equipment. In […] The post Cool Instagram Photos: 6 Trendy and Unique Ideas first appeared on Technographx.
  • Scarlett delivers a solid shot to an exploding barrel, taking out two enemies, while Marty uses his trusty shotgun to deal with an enemy attempting a flank move. Now the pair has to team up to deal with an opponent who’s immune to ranged strikes. And, finally, they will have to engage reinforcements coming from […]
  • AutoCAD gives you specialized industry toolsets and new automations to help you achieve the ultimate productivity in 2D and 3D design.
  • If you experience the Azure VPN gateway not connected problem, this article will help you with some helpful steps to troubleshoot the actual issue. Azure VPN gateway is required to establish a VPN connection with Azure. This is a very secure gateway that uses various protocols, IPsec, and IKE to secure your connection. However, sometimes, […]
  • Windows 11 version 22H2, the annual Windows 11 update for 2022 was made public by Microsoft recently. This major update brings many desired changes and new features along with itself. But the roll-out being phased it was not available for many Windows 11 users worldwide. Microsoft has now expanded the Windows 11 version 22H2 availability. […]
  • The integration of Google Maps with Google Drive made it super easy for anyone to create and share maps with others. The process is simple and does not require any software installation. Using My Maps in Drive will enable you to design your own customized maps where you can add places, draw lines, add markers […]
  • October 1st-17th For the first part of this time, my two children and I are touring American Civil War battlefields…
  • The iPhone 14 is eSIM only in the United States, but what does that mean? The post What is an eSIM and how does it work? appeared first on KnowTechie.
  • Windows 11 KB5017389 is the first optional preview update for version 22H2 and it’s rolling out to the public with many improvements. The patch is rolling out via WU, but Microsoft has also published direct download links for Windows 11 KB5017389 offline installers on the Update Catalog. KB5017389 is not a mandatory update for Windows […]
  • Ditto is a network enabled clipboard manager that allows you to save items copied to the clipboard and optionally send them across the network to be shared with other users, and even keep the clipboa….
  • Furthering its ambition to replicate absolutely everything in existence inside itself, the latest Vivaldi web browser release adds a productivity feature. This post, Vivaldi Web Browser Continues Adding Every Feature, Ever is from OMG! Ubuntu!. Do not reproduce elsewhere without permission.
  • AnyTXT Searcher is a search utility that is designed to help expedite performing targeted searches inside of documents. It is a straightforward but powerful local data full-text search engine that can be utilized as a desktop search application enabling you to find a specific file rapidly. AnyTXT Searcher will come in handy when you need […]
  • A Smart TV can be the gateway to some of the best sports streaming services, especially if you want to cut the cord from cable TV. The post How to Watch Live Sports on Smart TVs appeared first on The Cord Cutting Report.
  • Instagram is now bringing more ads to the platforms’ different sections, which you didn’t even expect before. These newly announced ads are going to place on the profile page and on the explore’s home page. Also, there is two more new ad functionality that Meta has announced. Besides, the report also noted that users at […]
  • VSDC Free Video Editor is a video editing application that offers more than a standard set of tools. With VSDC Free Video Editor you can carefully edit video files using numerous visual and audio tools. It offers rich functionality wrapped aro…
  • Samsung introduced a new branding of device into its wearable family this year, with the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro taking the place of what we assume would’ve been the Galaxy Watch 5 Classic. Personally, the Classic moniker never really quite got the point across that it was better than the non-Classic version, so this Pro […]
  • The Web is a window to a world of wonder and wisdom. But as the amount of online information grows, finding what you want in search engines is getting harder. A casual search for a keyword or phrase can produce millions of hits, but they are not always ordered by relevance. On the other hand, […]
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  • Updated to work properly in high DPI mode. Added 'Start As Hidden' option. When this option and 'Put Icon On Tray' option are turned on, the main window of DiskCountersView will be invisible on start. Added 'Bytes Counter Unit' option. You can choose one of the following units: Bytes, kB, KiB, MB, MiB, GB, GiB.
  • HiSuite by Huawei Android Device Manager provides you with a desktop control center for easily managing your data, applications, performing backups, and updates in just a few simple steps. Huawei HiSuite Android Device Manager allows you to easily manage…
  • This is a sponsored post written by Quizalize. , has an exciting announcement…Quizalize Games have launched and are now available for teachers and students around the world!Quizalize GamesQuizalize Games are a catalogue of dynamic and fun game overlays that work in conjunction with all quizzes (of which there are over one million!). Students work through […]
  • WebProNews Linux 5.19.12 Kernel May Cause Damage to Some Displays Linux users are being advised to skip kernel 5.19.12 due to a major bug impacting Intel machines. Linux 5.19.12 Kernel May Cause Damage to Some Displays Staff
  • Noctua today announced its new NA-TPG1 thermal paste guard for AMD's latest AM5 based Ryzen processors. When the mounting pressure of the cooling solution is applied, excess thermal paste will be squeezed outwards. With AM5 CPUs, this excess paste tends to accumulate in the cut-outs at the sides of the heat-spreader and may become difficult […]
  • If you use the Internet in any capacity, you will inevitably run into algorithms. From Google’s search engine to Facebook’s timeline algorithms to the systems that help financial institutions process transactions, algorithms are the foundation of artificial intelligence.  Despite being core to our digital lives, algorithms aren’t often understood by anyone besides the people who […]
  • There are some smart home devices that everyone should have. And when it comes to smart home devices, you should always be on the lookout for Ring doorbell deals. Ahead of Amazon’s big Fall Prime Day sale, there are so many fantastic Ring Video Doorbell deals available at all-time low prices. And the best one […]
  • UL Benchmarks 3DMark is an essential tool to measure PC gaming performance. It is used by millions of gamers, hundreds of hardware review sites and many of the world’s leading manufacturers. 3DMark includes everything you need to benchmark your PC and mobile devices in one app. Whether you’re gaming on a smartphone, tablet, notebook, or… […]
  • We do not face any errors while browsing the internet on our web browsers on Windows. Sometimes, we encounter no internet connection error when our internet connection is down. Some users are facing DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE errors while accessing websites on their web browsers. In this guide, we show you different ways to fix the DNS PROBE […]
  • Infinix just launched two Android smartphones aimed at young customers. The OEM has tuned the value proposition with seemingly high specifications for the dollar and has added an NFT marketing strategy (more Infinix NFT info).The Infinix Zero Ultra ($520, official page) is the more powerful of the two and features a MediaTek Dimensity 920, which […]
  • With every audio manufacturer seemingly making earbuds, the market has exploded over the years. Standing out in the vast sea of wireless earbuds is becoming increasingly difficult. This is especially true in the sub-$100 segment where there are many options to choose from. While it’s not challenging to find earbuds in this price range, finding […]
  • The Brazilian government has just given its approval to the Microsoft Activision-Blizzard merger. The Brazilian competition authority (CADE), despite Sony’s earlier claims that the Call of Duty franchise is irreplaceable in the shooter genre and that Xbox exclusivity may very well affect console purchases, has now allowed the translation without any conditions or concessions. Given […]
  • A Microsoft Office-compatible suite that won't break the bank
  • Samsung is on a roll as of late with device updates for a number of handsets. The October 2022 security update is even rolling out for a number of Samsung Galaxy phones and even a few tablets. more… The post Samsung October 2022 update rolling out for these Galaxy devices appeared first on 9to5Google.
  • I have an account on my friend's Ubuntu Linux system which is great, but the account icon at login is just my initials. Boring. How can I assign a photo or picture to my account photo? The post How Can I Customize My Account Picture in Ubuntu Linux? originally appeared on Ask Dave Taylor.
  • Want to save time and buy a robot vacuum but you don’t want to break the bank? Check out AirRobo’s P20 Robot Vacuum which launched recently and is now available on Amazon for just $120. This gets you high-power 2,800Pa suction power, 2-hours runtime, and the ability to control the unit via an app on […]
  • Tired of a once-too-often Instagram poster? You can always mute an Instagram friend without removing them from your follower list entirely. This guide will explain how.
  • At a glanceExpert's Rating ProsExtremely easy setup (after a firmware update)Seamless integration with Apple HomeVery small, sleek hardwareConsOn/off control only, no dimmingSupports the Apple HomeKit ecosystem onlyLacks extra features such as energy-consumption trackingOur VerdictApple aficionados will enjoy the streamlined setup of Wemo’s new smart plug, but Alexa and Google Assistant fans will be left cold. […]
  • A new problem found on Windows 11 22H2 prevents provisioning packages from working as expected. Home and office users unlike to experience issues. The post Windows 11 22H2 bug breaks package provisioning appeared first on Pureinfotech • Windows 10 & Windows 11 help for humans.
  • We can use the `clamp()` method today because of the great browser support. In this article, Brecht De Ruyte explains how it can be a beautiful addition to your upcoming project or as an upgrade to a previous one.
  • The much unloved Office Clippy will never leave us, thanks to a Javascript library that makes the annoying little critter Read More The post Add Office Clippy to your web page appeared first on Office Watch.
  • If you use the Notes app on your iPhone and haven't updated to the newest software yet, you're missing out on some pretty valuable upgrades that improve smart folders, note security, collaboration, and more. So what are you waiting for? The new tools in Apple's Notes update might end up being things you use daily to make lists, save ideas, jot down thoughts, create outlines, draw sketches, record observations, and more. Could Apple Notes become your favorite note-taking app? With all the new features on iOS 16, I believe it's possible. Don't Miss: The Secret iOS 16 Features […]
  • With Vladimir Putin suffering a series of humiliating setbacks in Ukraine, the Russian leader's threat to launch a tactical nuclear missile has plunged the world into its most perilous position since the darkest days of the Cold War. But what is a tactical nuclear weapon, what's the likelihood of one being used, and what can […]
  • More Samsung Galaxy smartphones are starting to receive the October 2022 Android security patch. Over the past few days, the company has released the latest security update to the Galaxy Z Fold 2, Galaxy Z Flip, and Galaxy S20 FE. The rollout is currently limited to a handful of markets and varies by device. But […]
  • — Recommendations are independently chosen by Reviewed’s editors. Purchases you make through our links may earn us a commission.GrandPad (available at Amazon) occupies a curious space as one of the only tablets specifically designed for the senior generation. While mainstream products like Apple’s iPad or Amazon’s Fire Tablet can certainly be retrofitted to better support […]
  • Are you running the latest version of PowerShell? Here’s how to check your version on Windows or Linux – plus, how to upgrade to the latest build.
  • t The post test appeared first on Guiding Tech.
  • “So she buys and instant cake, and she burns a frozen steak” is a lyric that has been rattling around in my head for about 30 years. The song, which I’m sure you’ve heard, touches on two topics that I talk about a lot: convenience food and the horrors of the nuclear family. (The former […]
  • It’s not every day that your introduction to a car company includes spending time in Europe’s largest vertical wind tunnel for aerodynamic tests. Meet AEHRA. Its headquarters in Milan comprises not only the usual meeting rooms and desks, but also a wind tunnel where you can experience flying —  and while mildly terrifying, it’s a […]
  • The Roku Channel has given its content library another update. This month, the free streaming service is adding a slate of action titles including Keanu Reeves’ life of crime as John Wick and a list of comedies like Meet the Parents series, plus a few more Roku Originals. Here’s everything new on The Roku Channel […]

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