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Today’s Featured Downloads: Standard Notes 3.23.96 / 3.23.107 Pre-release (AGPL) –  Straightforward note-taking piece of software that saves everything in the cloud and also features end-to-end AES-256 encryption … Tabame 1.1 (MIT License) –  A well-featured taskbar replacement tool, which was designed to offer users greater control and more versatility with their workflows: quickly access items of interest, make use of commands to speed up your work, and much more … Java Graticule 3D 20220901 (GPLv3) –  Specialized tool for geodetic estimations that comes with a streamlined interface and a useful set of features used for calculations and transformations … SwiftRead 4.0.3 (Freemium) –  Learn to speed read while browsing the web, using the Rapid Serial Visual Presentation technique, with this nifty Chrome extension … GEUP 3D (Demo) –  Generate 3D geometrical figures and perform various mathematical calculation with the aid of this interactive and straightforward application


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