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Today’s Updates: How to add columns in Google Sheets –  You can make room for more data in your spreadsheet in just a few steps. In this tutorial, we’ll explain how to add one or more columns in Google Sheets… Best Printer for 2022 – CNET  –  Whether you’re producing documents, photos or both, we’ve got the perfect printer for you… New study reveals how huge stones could be moved to build the Pyramids –  Core samples drilled in Giza reveal the Nile River extended toward the base of the Egyptian pyramids, with ancient Egyptians building connective waterways… How to save Google Slides as a PDF –  Wondering how to save Google Slides as a PDF? We’ll show you the steps for the website and mobile app so that you have your presentation as a document… How to Fix Facebook Notifications Not Working –  Have you stopped receiving Facebook notifications on your smartphone or desktop web browser? You may have disabled the app’s alerts in your phone’s settings or browser configuration… Wireless charging power transmitted with lasers up to 100 feet away –  South Korean researchers have developed a new distributed laser charging system that uses infrared to wirelessly transmit power to devices over 30 meters… How to show details in a grouped PivotTable in Microsoft Excel –  It’s easy to display details in a PivotTable group if you know how to expand the group in Microsoft Excel. The post How to show details in a grouped PivotTable in Microsoft Excel appeared first on TechRepublic…


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